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In 2013 a group of people with different experiences, expertise and professional careers, joined their forces in order to offer qualitative, integrated services that lead to the development of Human Capital. The company Open Mellon Education - Consulting - Business Incubator S.A. provides solutions for individuals and enterprises, related to diagnosing, consultancy, education, training and support services. Open Mellon S.A. covers the following range of activities:

  • Offers Consulting Services to unemployed individuals so that they can gain access to the labor market, as well as to employees in order to effectively manage their professional careers.
  • Supports people who want to start their own business. Open Mellon S.A. can guide and provide consultancy to young entrepreneurs, particularly through their early entrepreneurial steps.
  • Operates a Business Incubator, providing its premises for the housing of new enterprises, offering them alongside infrastructures also services until they reach a mature stage.
  • Provides education and training services to unemployed individuals, so that they can approach more effectively the labor market.
  • Offers custom made education and training services to enterprises, for the improvement of the knowledge and the skills of their personnel.
  • Offers Consulting services to enterprises who want to enhance their competitiveness in the local and international business environments.

The aforementioned services are offered through an integrated manner, while simultaneously adopting the optimal method of delivery that guarantees their effective application.





73 Panagouli str, 41223, Larisa

Tel: (+30) 2410 551320
Fax: (+30) 2410 551321


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