Open Mellon S.A. is a company committed to promoting entrepreneurship and business support. Our organization:

  • Supports enterprises through all their operational stages.
  • Provides consultancy to the entrepreneurs on how they can develop their enterprise.
  • Assists start-ups during the initial, crucial stage of their operation.
  • Provides business incubator services to innovative start-ups.
  • Designs and implements business grant programs.
  • Offers solutions for the recruitment of specialized and subsidized personnel.
  • Supports extroversion, networking skills and the export activities of companies and organizations.

In order to be able to provide the aforementioned services, Open Mellon S.A.:

  • Maintains a stable and ongoing contact with the labor market, investigates its needs through the elaboration of primary studies and participates in the diagnosis and formulation of development priorities at local and regional level.
  • Participates in international networks that formulate policies and transfer best practices for the development of entrepreneurship.
  • Has a team of scientists that can respond to the challenges that a young entrepreneur faces at the start of his/her entrepreneurial activity.
  • Collaborates with companies that constitute entrepreneurial models at local, national and international level, which can transfer knowledge, good practices and expertise to young people and enterprises which would like to enhance their networking and extroversion potential.



73 Panagouli str, 41223, Larisa

Tel: (+30) 2410 551320
Fax: (+30) 2410 551321
Email: info@openmellon.gr


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