Vocational Guidance

Open Mellon S.A. offers specialized vocational guidance and professional career management services to:

01 Unemployed.Specialized consultants who collaborate with our company are in the position to analyze the knowledge and skills that an unemployed individual already possesses or his/her professional profile through the use of appropriate tools and facilitate him/her in seeking employment in sectors with a particular potential. Through interactive workshops, the professional profile of the participant is strengthened, alongside his/her confidence. The perception of his/her personal characteristics is enhanced, and he/she develops extroversion and networking skills which are essential for employment seeking and the undertaking of entrepreneurial initiatives.

02 Employees.. Given the current employment model, which has employees face willingly or not so willingly many changes in his/her professional career, our organization implements workshops aimed at:

  • Dealing with occupational labor mobility as a means for the development of a feeling of “safety” and development.
  • Managing future developments during their professional lives.
  • Assisting in the drafting of a professional career strategy.
  • Facilitating professional and personal life balance.

The scientific collaborators of Open Mellon S.A. (professional counselors, psychologists, human resources management consultants), who undertake the implementation of the workshops organized by our company, enable employees of every rank, as well as entrepreneurs and self-employed, to address and manage their careers according to the constantly changing business environment.



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